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This website is designed to be an introduction into the world of investing. It is meant to be informational as well as entertaining for all those who have an interest in stocks, bonds, personal finance, and credit related issues. We hope it appeals to both beginners and seasoned investors.

It contains both serious and humorous information that we hope make all who visit this site not only learn the basics of investing, but also learn that life is not all about money.

Investing your money should be something you do on your own terms with your own set of rules and guidelines. No one in the world cares more about your money than you.

Every person who chooses to invest in anything should do their own research at some point. While it may be alright to seek some professional help just remember it is your money at risk. Therefore, we suggest always doing some research on your own before investing any of your hard earned money.

So start taking a look around and remember to enjoy yourself. Money can sometimes lead to greed; which in the end, does nobody any good in life.

PEOPLE FIRST THEN MONEY - This is the basic financial investing rule to live by.

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